Review from Rich Huff's "Best of the West"

 Riding Behind The Padre By Richard Collins 

Richard Collins’ book provides timely and important input into the discussion of border issues and the emerging West. Leave it to a Sonoita cowboy to get to the heart of things!

The subject is framed around “cabalgatas,” his retracing with Mexican friends the hundreds of miles of muleback travels of the intrepid 17th Century missionary/explorer Fr. Eusebio Francisco Kino. Through his fascinating narrative Collins provides an accurate perspective and a strong reality check for those who have only flapped right wings or left wings ignoring the bodies in the middle. Kino was most concerned with doing truly useful work for the people he met despite the follies of Catholicism and Crown, a lesson we still could learn and apply if we can manage to turn off the strident media talk voices who are doing us absolutely no favors.